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Practical Tips & Disney with Disabilities

Need some practical advice? Step this way!

Practical Tips & Disney with Disabilities


  • Opening hours

    Making sure you don't miss a minute of fun here at Disneyland Paris.

    01 Aug 2017 7 sujets | 10 réponses
  • Young children

    Questions, tips and inside info on bringing young kids to Disneyland Paris: the Baby Care Center, baby change facilities, stroller rentals, the Baby Switch service, etc.

    28 Aug 2017 15 sujets | 24 réponses
  • Disney with a disability

    Ask questions and share your tips about doing Disney with a disability.

    21 Nov 2017 11 sujets | 27 réponses
  • Special dietary needs

    An opportunity to ask for practical advice about dining in the Disney® Parks: food allergies, specific dietary needs, etc.

    07 Jul 2017 3 sujets | 9 réponses
  • Other practical advice

    Need practical advice on something else? This is the place to come!

    13 Nov 2017 49 sujets | 66 réponses

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