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  • Help Topic: Your settings

    You can access your settings by clicking on your username at the top of the screen, then selecting "My settings". Several tabs will then be displayed along the side of the page enabling you to update the various settings linked to your account.

    Profile settings
    You can configure several of your profile settings:
    - Photo: you can change the photo that is used to identify you on the website
    - Personal information: you can update all the personal information that appears on your profile page (your birthday, interests, description, etc.).

    E-mail and password
    This is where you can change the e-mail address and password that are linked to your account.
    Warning: If you decide to change your e-mail address you will need to reactivate your account (you will be sent an e-mail in the same way as when you initially created your account).
    Warning: if you change your password, we recommend logging off and then logging back on to the site again using your new password in order to reactivate your session.

    This is where you can change your username that appears on the website. Warning: the administrator can restrict the number of username changes authorised, so use this option with care.

    The signature page allows you to change the custom signature that appears below all of your posts.

    If you logged on to the site via Facebook, this is where you can manage the settings that link your Facebook account to your Go Disneyland account.

    This page displays all the attachments you have used when posting on the website. If you have almost reached the storage quota limit, you will have to delete some of your attachments.

    Notification settings
    This page allows you to choose whether or not you wish to be notified of certain events, such as a question being answered, a private message being received or a new question being asked. You can configure how you want to receive notifications: by e-mail or directly on the website.

    Your notifications
    This tab allows you to see your most recent notifications.

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