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  • Help Topic: Threads and posts

    All threads are organized into categories and topics.
    A list of all the categories can be found on the website homepage. Clicking on a category will give you access to all the topics within that category, followed by a list of all the threads in each topic.

    The default setting displays the threads in date order. To change the order in which the threads are listed, use the sort options above the thread list. There are two ways of reading a thread:
    - click on the title of the thread
    - click on the "+" icon, which will show you the first and last posts in the thread. You can either close this view by clicking on "-", or access the discussion by clicking on "View thread”.

    To post a new thread or answer an existing one, you must first of all create an account on the website. Once you have logged on, you will be able to post a thread by clicking on “new thread” or answer a thread by clicking on “Reply” (if you have not logged on, a message will ask you to do so in order to post your comment).
    Full details of how to edit posts can be found in the “Writing a post” section

    Quoting existing posts
    You can quote one or several existing posts by clicking on "Quote” or “Multi-quote”. The quotes will be automatically displayed in your post.

    Sharing a thread
    At the top of each thread you will see a number of icons allowing you to share a link to the page on Twitter, Facebook or Google +. Simply click on the appropriate icon and follow the instructions.

    If you wish to keep a close eye on a specific topic or thread and receive notifications whenever a new thread or reply is posted, you should click on "Subscribe to this topic" or "Subscribe to this thread". Alongside this button you can see how many people are following the topic or thread in question. An option list allows you to determine when and how you want to receive notifications:
    - instantly: whenever a reply is posted, you will be instantly informed via the method specified in your notification settings.
    - only when I’m not logged on: you will only receive a notification if a reply is posted whilst you are not logged on to the website.
    - daily: select this option to receive a daily summary of notifications.
    - weekly: select this option to receive a weekly summary of notifications.

    To stop following a topic or thread, simply click on the "Unsubscribe" button found in the same place as the "Subscribe to this topic" and "Subscribe to this thread" buttons.

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