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  • Terms of use

    Last Update: March 18th 2015


    1. Acceptance of the Website Terms of Use
    The website www.go-disneylandparis.com is made available to you provided that you undertake to read these Website Terms of Use ("Terms of Use").
    Euro Disney reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice the Terms of Use. You must regularly check the Terms of Use to take note of any changes that may have been made. To find out if these Terms of Use have changed since your last visit, please refer to the date of the latest update shown at the top of this page.
    You must be over 18 to register on the Website.

    2. Website Services and content
    The Website provides the following services:
    (i) Access to information regarding Disneyland Paris Parks and Disney or Disney/Pixar characters. Access to the questions and answers posted by the Website's Registered Users. This information may be freely consulted by all visitors to the Website;
    (ii) Community Services only made available to users who have registered with the Website and who have an active Go-disneylandparis profile (hereinafter, the "Registered Users"). These services include in particular the creation of a profile, the provision of a forum platform for Registered Users to ask questions and meet other Registered Users, to upload content to the Website, such as for example text, photos, comments, to track topics, receive and send private messages to other Registered Users, etc. (hereinafter, the "User Content" or "Content").

    3. Intellectual property
    3.1 As a Registered User, you grant Euro Disney and its subcontractors as part of the Website, throughout the world and until you delete your Content or your profile (without, however, exceeding the applicable intellectual property rights duration), a free license to use, display, host, edit, delete any User Content that you upload to the said Website.

    3.2 You also agree that the User Content that you upload will be visible and accessible:
    - to all visitors and Registered Users of the Website exclusively for personal, non-commercial usage.
    - on third party sites through the sharing features offered by the Website.
    You warrant that the Content that you submit to the Site and the transmission of such Content is in compliance with the Rules of Conduct below and the other requirements of the Terms of Use, and that you own and/or have all the rights, licenses, agreements and necessary permits (i) to use and commercialise the Content and (ii) to allow Euro Disney to use and commercialise such Content in the cases specified and in accordance with the Terms of Use.

    3.3 A general policy has long been established by Euro Disney and the Disney Enterprises, Inc. company, of which Euro Disney is a sub-licensee, to decline any proposal for new ideas, inventions or suggestions that have not previously been directly solicited by Euro Disney ("Unsolicited Ideas"). The intent of this policy is to avoid any misunderstanding regarding the development of the project under the direction of Euro Disney that might appear to some as having similarities with their own work.
    If, despite the foregoing, you send Euro Disney (intentionally or not) an Unsolicited Idea on or through the Site, you understand and agree that (i) the Unsolicited Idea will in no case be examined by Euro Disney, (ii) that Euro Disney will have no obligations of confidentiality regarding this Unsolicited Idea and (iii) that the Unsolicited Idea can in no way be subject to remuneration or any form of counterpart.

    3.4 Euro Disney holds all the rights necessary for the broadcast and commercialisation of the Website and its elements (including all information, text, images, characters, logos, designs, trademarks, etc. - hereafter the "Website Elements").
    None of Website Elements may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way whatsoever, except (i) with the approval of Euro Disney or (ii) to make a copy of the Website Elements on a computer exclusively for personal and non-commercial purposes, provided that the Website Element copied is not modified and that all proprietary notices (including copyright) are retained.

    4. Hypertext links
    Some of the hypertext links available on the Website refer to third party websites that are not published by Euro Disney (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). As a result, Euro Disney disclaims all responsibility for (i) any content or service offered on these sites, (ii) any loss or damage that may result from your use of such sites, and (iii) the processing methods of your data on third party sites.
    The inclusion on third party sites of links referring to pages of the Website is prohibited, with the exception of links leading to the home page of the Website which are allowed on the condition of (i) not removing or altering in any manner whatsoever the size or appearance of the Website Elements, (ii) not using the characters, names, brands and other distinctive signs for which Euro Disney holds the rights to use and commercialise on the Website and (iii) the third party website containing the link to the website's home page being in compliance with applicable regulations and morality, not displaying any defamatory or offensive content nor any p.ornographic content.

    5. Availability of the Website
    Euro Disney does not guarantee in any way that access to the Website will be possible in an uninterrupted, instant or automatic manner. Euro Disney also reserves the right to make the Website unavailable at any time, either temporarily or permanently.
    In the event of site closure, all information regarding Registered Users, including User Content that they have uploaded, will be deleted.

    6. Warranty and liability
    Euro Disney can not be held responsible for consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to access and use all or part of the Website, including without limitation all or part of the services offered therein. Euro Disney disclaims all warranties regarding the availability and conformity of the features of the Website and the ability of the Website to meet the expectations or requirements sought by visitors and Registered Users. Euro Disney does not warrant that the features and services offered by the Website will be provided uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected or that the Website or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or other harmful components.

    7. Rules for the use of Community Services Website
    7.1 Conditions for access to the Community Services
    The Community Services are accessible only to Registered Users of the Website who are identified as such.To become a Registered User, you must create a profile by following the instructions on the Website. As part of the registration process, you agree to provide accurate and complete information.
    Once registered with the website, you can access the Community Services by logging in, entering your username (email or alias) and the password you have chosen.
    You agree that the pseudonym chosen during registration on the Website (i) is not offensive, rude, defamatory, obscene, or (ii) does not affect the personal or property rights of any third party. In particular, you agree not to use the family name of a third party nor names or terms protected by intellectual property rights of third parties (brands, character of a work protected by copyright, etc.) when registering on the Website or in the use of the Community Services.
    You agree to be solely responsible for the security and confidentiality of your password and any use of the Community Services that may be carried out in your name and password.

    7.2 Rules of Conduct
    As part of the Community Services, Registered Users can upload User Content and thus contribute to the dialogue on the Website. For this dialogue to function properly we have put in place moderation filters and will proceed to moderate all User Content (text, photos, and comments) which will be viewed by Euro Disney (or its authorised sub-contractors) before publication or within 24 hours of submission, to ensure compliance with these Terms of Use and in particular with the Editorial Charter of the article.
    Euro Disney reserves the right to reject/delete any User Content that is not related to the theme of the site.

    7.2.1 You agree, as a Registered User, to respect the rules of courtesy and to not upload any User Content that is against the law or sound morals. Particularly prohibited is the uploading of Content and comments that are:
    (i) offensive, defamatory, insulting, rude, aggressive or, more generally, impolite;
    (ii) racist, anti-Semitic, denialist, sexist, homophobic, or denigrating religious or political beliefs and opinions;
    (iii) inciting violence or dangerous behaviour for third parties or animals (inciting smoking, consumption of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances and excessive eating habits, etc.)
    (iv) likely to impair the physical or moral integrity of third parties, particularly minors;
    (v) of an advertising or commercial nature;
    (vi) obscene or p.ornographic;
    (vii) in violation of the image rights of a third party, revealing personal information about a third party or injurious to the privacy rights of a third party;
    (viii) in opposition to a copyright, trademark or other intellectual property of a third party;
    (ix) likely to pollute the discussion and/or to disturb or hinder exchanges between Registered Users;
    (x) violent, intolerant, hateful or that expose a person to a risk of death or injury;
    (xi) in disclosure of false information, or in violation of the presumption of innocence
    (xii) capable of inciting computer crime or representing a threat to the site.

    Also prohibited:
    (i) written messages containing only punctuation or onomatopoeic characters that could slow down or restrict the course of discussions;
    (ii) in general, any conduct or content liable to restrict or limit the use of the Website (particularly the Community Services) by visitors and/or other Registered Users
    (iii) video messages incorporating music and/or songs.

    Any User Content posted remains the sole responsibility of its author.
    If the User Content is rejected, an email will be sent to the Registered User in question to remind them of the rules of the Editorial Charter. In cases of abuse of the service in such a way as to restrict or limit the use of the Website deliberately committed by the user or of illicit and particularly serious issues (paedophilia, incitement to hatred, racism, homophobia, challenges/apologies for crimes against humanity...), Euro Disney reserves the right to remove access rights to the Content or user profile without any prior notice.

    7.2.2 As a Registered User, in order to ensure the quality of debates and discussions on the Website, you agree to:
    (i) not upload User Content that has no connection with the context of the Website;
    (ii) not upload User Content written in languages other than English;
    (iii) not write messages of more than 4,000 characters;
    (iv) not write messages in 'SMS language';

    7.3 Rejection/deletion of content at the users' request
    All Registered Users and Site Visitors have the opportunity to request the deletion of any uploaded content using the specially created feature on the Site (under "FAQ"). Euro Disney, however, reserves the right to deny access to the Site to any Registered User who has used this feature in an unjustifiably repeated and abusive manner, and to delete the registered user's profile.

    7.4 Removing access to the Community Services
    As a Registered User, access to and the right to use the Community Services are subject to your compliance with these Terms of Use. In cases of violation of the Terms of Use in particular of its Editorial Charter (Article 7.3 below), Euro Disney reserves the right to delete your profile and all of your User Content and to forbid you from accessing and using the Community Services.

    8. Duration of Terms of Use
    These Terms of Use apply for the duration of your use of the Website, or until the final closure of the Website.

    9. Personal data
    Euro Disney collects personal information about you when you register with the Website, when you create your profile and when you upload User Content which may include some personal information. With the Website being a participatory and community site, these data are collected to enable Euro Disney to manage your interactions with the Website and thus to enable you to communicate, express yourself and chat with other Registered Users and/or visitors to the Website. You understand and agree that (i) the pseudonym (or your name if you do not have a pseudonym) that you specify during registration on the Website will be visible to all visitors of the Website, and (ii) the personal data you provide in your profile or publicly using the Community Services will be visible to all visitors and/or Registered Users.

    You have the right to access your personal data and to obtain corrections in case of errors. You can exercise these rights either directly, as a Registered User, via your profile or by emailing dlp.marketing.direct@disney.com. You also have the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing of your data by Euro Disney by emailing dlp.marketing.direct@disney.com..

    10. Cookies
    When you visit the Website, cookies are installed on your computer. See our charter for more information:"http://holidays.disneylandparis.co.uk//legal/cookies-policy.html

    11. Social and Facebook plugins
    The Website also uses social plugins from the social network Facebook.com, operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA (hereinafter "Facebook"). These plugins can be denoted by the presence of the Facebook logo.
    The "Facebook Connect" button available on the Website offers the ability to log in to the Website using your Facebook user account. By activating the Facebook Connect button you consent expressly, on the one hand, to the consultation of your Facebook user data and the transmission of information and on the other hand to the publication of your activities on the Website on your Facebook profile. For more information on the purpose and scope of the acquisition of data and how the data is further processed and used by Facebook, as well as your rights and optional settings to protect your privacy, we invite you to view the Facebook Privacy Policy: http://www.facebook.com/policy.php
    After registration via Facebook Connect and when you access the Website, your browser establishes a connection with the Facebook servers. The content of the plugin is transferred directly to your browser, which then integrates it with the Website. The integration of the plugin informs Facebook that you have accessed the Website. If you are logged into Facebook the latter may attribute your visit to your Facebook account. If you do not want Facebook to collect data about you via the Website you must log out of Facebook before visiting the Website. For more information on the purpose and scope of the acquisition of data and how the data is further processed and used by Facebook, as well as your rights and optional settings to protect your privacy, we invite you to view the Facebook Privacy Policy: http://www.facebook.com/policy.php

    12. Applicable law
    Unless otherwise stipulated by local law public order, these Terms of Use as well as your relationship with Euro Disney as part of the Website are subject to French law and any disputes will be the jurisdiction of the French courts.

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